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STICKY: New account requests   09/19/18  (220)
Hemidemisemi whatever = Bbooooom, not flame, proof inside    09/20/18  (22)
Long distance GF lied to me    09/20/18  (64)
Rate this pic of Led Zeppelin    09/20/18  (12)
/*\BREAKING/*\ !!! Kavanaugh accuser's yearbook surfaces!!!    09/20/18  (72)
Even if Kavanaugh allegations were true, I wouldn't reject nominee over them    09/20/18  (14)
I can't fucking WAIT for Mueller's report to come out & PWN you Trumpmos    09/20/18  (14)
Did Kavanaugh do the rape or is this a false allegation???    09/20/18  (46)
Upset Jew/he was running from his online feud/I bet he's never argued in    09/20/18  (28)
Most underrated Led Zeppelin song?    09/20/18  (36)
the whole town said the fool shoulda used red    09/20/18  (1)
When women are too ugly to get male attention for sex they cry rape    09/20/18  (10)
ITT: Play "Is It Geert Wilders or Jimmy Page?"    09/20/18  (8)
Red Sparrow but its ACS shrews baiting fed soc dudes to get rough with them    09/20/18  (2)
Middle aged to old men commuting in MFH subways...very depressing    09/20/18  (31)
Is Scientology still a real religion/cult or is it mostly fat cash stacks?    09/20/18  (2)
James Comey offering to personally investigate Ford allegations    09/20/18  (1)
Its all right its my Kavanaugh fantasy Its all right its my Kavanaugh dream    09/20/18  (2)
50 Cent - Trump Said Pussy.mp3    09/20/18  (3)
lamarcus do you recruit litigators    09/20/18  (5)
But yeah, Georgetown Prep just started    09/20/18  (18)
What foods produce the worst cases of mud butt?    09/20/18  (7)
Kavanaugh speaks out: "Actually, she raped me."    09/20/18  (1)
I love Dayton, Ohio    09/20/18  (7)
Change one word in a movie title to "boihole"    09/20/18  (233)
brb lowering my standards    09/20/18  (1)
I saw a Sila with a Chinese poaster holding hands    09/20/18  (3)
It's going to be an EPIC landslide. Jfc.    09/20/18  (27)
Money for nothing and jew docs for free    09/20/18  (4)
Kavanaugh: "No way these allegations last past Black October"    09/20/18  (1)
Say what you will, at least Kavanaugh found a way out of the Dancing Monkey Fram    09/20/18  (6)
lol Candaules and Gyges is incomprehensible to most ppl I know wtf lol    09/20/18  (3)
Just popped 100K policy on $500 in PD (CSLG)    09/20/18  (147)
You could throw JJC into Georgetown Prep and it wouldn't matter. The minds are n    09/20/18  (5)
Kavanaugh then went on to describe a good run in his third year of law school,    09/20/18  (11)
within 72 hours, at least a dozen Congressmen will be accused of sexual harrassm    09/20/18  (9)
America is like ancient Rome in very weird ways    09/20/18  (44)
REMINDER: Trump impeachment and prosecution = fait accompli    09/20/18  (4)
Odds that the Kavanaugh accusers story was actually her masturbation fantasy?    09/20/18  (12)
Odds that some shitlib House member introduces impeachment against Kav?    09/20/18  (2)
Is Queenstown, NZ, CR place to escape shitlib America?    09/20/18  (2)
No babe sometimes we give each other career advice    09/20/18  (6)
Ruh-Roh: Two of Ford's classmates come forward, tell the Post they saw    09/20/18  (1)
lawman8 is a fucking steamroller    09/20/18  (7)
saw christine ford earlier tonight. was disappointed with the experience    09/20/18  (4)
Mollie Tibbets, 911 phone in hand, died during classic whitelash (The Root)    09/20/18  (5)
I called Obama as president in 2006, I'm calling Beto 2020 right now    09/20/18  (9)
Nicolas Cage Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters (vid)    09/20/18  (3)
whok when is the rainy season in QUEENSLAND?    09/20/18  (6)
CFB WEEK 4 looks like it could be a pretty 180 slate of games    09/20/18  (3)
"We're a religion of peace, that's what's so crazy about this"    09/20/18  (1)
Sean Penn criticizes MeToo movement on Today show - bold move (vid)    09/20/18  (5)
the lmao clique    09/20/18  (13)
What the fuck was in my eggs? Pic    09/20/18  (4)
The Lib Inquisitor approaches ur body tied to the rack: "Admit that Bert and Ern    09/20/18  (7)
I'm a homosexual, a felon, and a Democrat. In that order.    09/20/18  (1)
The Mormon church is rapidly imploding and is in serious trouble    09/20/18  (21)
The Malicious Prepschool Allegations that Dripped Lies    09/20/18  (3)
guys at my HS raped and murdered girls at well-attended pool parties all the tim    09/20/18  (2)
i cant.... black october    09/20/18  (3)
Coca Cola diversity NFL commercial but it's diverse poasters reading Sup Brady    09/20/18  (3)
Trump: Where is the money for the wall, cucks?    09/20/18  (5)
Steven Pinker's response to soy boy w/ milquetoast voice saying hurtful speech    09/20/18  (14)
Tamerlane is a vicious antisemite glad he's leaving    09/20/18  (16)
Christine Blasey Ford Facebooking u: "Hey did I ever discuss my sexual assault?"    09/20/18  (44)
just made a jobless feminist 2L freak out    09/20/18  (14)
xo Abe reelected    09/20/18  (4)
Well at least we further cheapened rape allegations before Kavs inevitable confi    09/20/18  (3)
NE Patriots coaching staff: "Tom Brady is a system QB" (link)    09/20/18  (21)
Lawman8 and I, engaging each other in good faith, quickly escalating into anal    09/20/18  (1)
rofl @ my lib friends in biglaw: morally bankrupt sellouts    09/20/18  (3)
Poll: will Kavanaugh be confirmed?    09/20/18  (55)
WSJ: actually, moving Apple iPhone assembly to US would be BAD for America    09/20/18  (57)
You can now buy rape allegations like Twitter followers    09/20/18  (1)
ITT: Post your top films of 2018    09/20/18  (43)
I love Nighton, Ohio.    09/20/18  (2)
ITT - What is the settlement value of my case?    09/20/18  (15)
Unnngghhh...British SLAGS get me hard as fuck.    09/20/18  (13)
Libs SILENT about Korean peace summit why?    09/20/18  (1)
Kavanaugh to Sen Hizono: 'anyway, gotta go'    09/20/18  (4)
How is Michelle Wolf's New Show, The Break?    09/20/18  (24)
anyway gotta go    09/20/18  (2)
it wasn't 'rape', for christ's sake. it was drunken horseplay, tomfoolery    09/20/18  (16)
Reminder: no documented physical injuries, no raep    09/20/18  (1)
There's a 180 boart in heaven w/SAD, LarryJoeBird, Anon6356, & Wilbur    09/20/18  (18)
*Kavanaugh realizes he just raped someone* "Anyways, gotta go"    09/20/18  (1)
Chad Talks With a Shewish Woman    09/20/18  (2)
Reminder: Hillary will start nuclear war with Russia    09/20/18  (26)
Luis to whole family: "I have sex with men for money. S. E. X. sex. with men"    09/20/18  (1)
which of these three guys was most vilified by MSM?    09/20/18  (2)
Grassley staffers writing please respond texts    09/20/18  (1)
Senate to Ford: No worries, maybe next week? Haha    09/20/18  (1)
Protip: short TLRY    09/20/18  (64)
The Jew has never yet created a cultural form of its own    09/20/18  (10)
kava-naw-naw-naw god DAMN america    09/20/18  (1)
You get 200k unexpectedly and suddenly. What do you do with it?    09/20/18  (21)
Japan is probably our closest ally at this point    09/20/18  (1)
HuffPo: Obesity is HEALTHY and NORMAL and society must respect it    09/20/18  (5)
"liberals" believe any nationalism leads to "Nazi Germany"    09/20/18  (4)
Christine Ford: "Well, SOMEBODY was doing the raping"    09/20/18  (4)
Cause Georgetown Prep gon' give it to you!    09/20/18  (4)
This LA police captain makes badass callout video    09/20/18  (21)
Confession: i was boy of 13 visiting NY. Justice Sotomayor pinned me n sucked me    09/20/18  (7)
JJC wrote about his plan to pretend to be gay to get into B school    09/20/18  (35)
Law themed ASMR-girl dressed in pantsuit whispering about ur attention to detail    09/20/18  (10)
grammarly youtube ad is an absurd GC prole fantasy    09/20/18  (9)
Everything is in a state of growth, evolution, unfolding    09/20/18  (1)
George Lucas: C3PO and R2D2 were 100% homo    09/20/18  (13)
Candy Store Rach    09/20/18  (1)
"Someone's doing the raping" - Trump    09/20/18  (1)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    09/20/18  (120)
The value of a graduate degree in the U.S.    09/20/18  (28)
ungh DEVASTED LIBS (vid)    09/20/18  (6)
Brett Kavanaugh raped a girl?    09/20/18  (18)
Official: corp slave is starting to become cool & funny again    09/20/18  (1)
Physicists announce discovery of "Doobs Quark" which sucks, fucks other quarks    09/20/18  (1)
Supreme Court sexual assault accuser gets book deal worth >>$1 milllion (link)    09/20/18  (2)
bored girls lying in bed in their panties on Omegle    09/20/18  (1)
XO Trumpmos, is your wife/gf full-on MAGA? MAGA-adjacent? Or shitlib?    09/20/18  (3)
BUMP when Dem wins OH 12 tonight    09/20/18  (135)
Why did Trump do this bizarre fist pump at 9/11 service (pic)?    09/20/18  (10)
"Dentons Dacheng? More like Dentons CHA-CHING!!!" *greaser 80s banker rips line*    09/20/18  (7)
Me, RSF and DM chilling at a One & Only with our lives ruined on autoadmit    09/20/18  (8)
DMX "What's My Name" video with room of engorged thrashing pisswyrms; pit bulls    09/20/18  (9)
ITT: Woodward anecdotes about how starved Trump is for Maggie Habermans approval    09/20/18  (9)
Michael Cohen outcome is pretty typical for a lawyer moving to the biz side    09/20/18  (4)
Lawyer gives Trump good advice: "Resign. It's only going to get worse."    09/20/18  (15)
If I don't finish my novel within a year I'll kill myself    09/20/18  (17)
Bump this thread whenever ETH reaches a new all time high    09/20/18  (116)
Trumpmos IN FAVOR OF Iran war come bump this thread    09/20/18  (181)
"Trump is less a person than a collection of terrible traits" (Cohn)    09/20/18  (33)
Why so many headlines about Russia "Hacking the Election"?    09/20/18  (2)
Golfmos: BIG golf weekend November 10. GHIN ~15. Best use of prep time?    09/20/18  (14)
RATE this prestigious home, mill, covered bridge & school for <$1mm    09/20/18  (9)
rank these political positions by material value and attainability    09/20/18  (6)
Hillary: "Why Arent I 50 Points Ahead?"    09/20/18  (4)
Rolling Stone trying to DukeLacrosse UVA fraternity    09/20/18  (122)
Remember when Trump said winning trade wars was easy?    09/20/18  (46)
Anyone on this bort have kids while in their 20s?    09/20/18  (46)
New leak shows Julian Assange sought Russian visa in 2010    09/20/18  (12)
bump this thread when trump loses to jeb or hillary    09/20/18  (11)
tried to do Shabu Shabu at home last night. nasty shit    09/20/18  (168)
fuck washed my hair this morning    09/20/18  (2)
"The perfect storm of cooperators" lmao Trumps getting impeached/indicted    09/20/18  (2)
LOL just thinking of all the Trumptard threads i'm going to bump when he loses    09/20/18  (36)
Are most people who claim many Hobbies just Dilettantes    09/20/18  (3)
Men are getting accused of sexual assault left and right    09/20/18  (1)
*slices open artificial uterus bag* *slime-covered lawman9 drops onto floor*    09/20/18  (8)
lol @ this fucking weirdo place, Lawman8 is "looking" for me    09/20/18  (59)
Reminder Trumpmos: you're a minority in America. Don't ever forget it.    09/20/18  (33)
Woman "randomly" stabbed to death at Logan Circle in DC; no arrests made:    09/20/18  (17)

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